What we do

We provide workers for the realization of all kinds of cultural events, such as concerts, festivals, shows, exhibitions, and other performances. Apart from a large number of reliable stagehands, there are also many specialized technicians on our team. We use our own software for staff management, thanks to which we are capable of organizing a qualified, professional, and helpful team for any event even on short notice. We regularly provide services for Czech’s largest production and rental companies, and major Prague venues and promoters.

What we do

We are expanding to Pilsen and
Hradec Králové

Last year we opened our office in the West Bohemian capital and this year we added Hradec Králové. We are currently building a new crew in the regions and we are also able to supply staff remotely and handle both smaller and larger events. Shameless goes West and East! And we are ready for all challenges!


Technicians’ right-hand men during stage construction, concert and festival preparations.


Experienced workers who specialize in ground scaffolding installation and support.


Specialists in building scaffolding construction. Trained to work at heights.


Certified workers who handle demanding construction and technical jobs at heights.

Forklift drivers

Attested drivers who can operate different types of machinery.

Stage managers

Our stage managers are able to ensure flawless operation of any event. In cooperation with our stage crew, they can conduct various spectacles from electronic shows to big rock festivals.


Reliable drivers at large festivals. They are responsible for quick transport of any equipment needed.

Wardrobe assistants

Our wardrobe assistants take care of costumes and other sets during diverse shows and performances.

Production assistants

Our experienced and prompt production support team can manage a large number of urgent tasks.

Our approach

A well-done job is our priority. We care about our workers and organize regular workshops for them, providing lectures both on technical and security issues. We strictly meet high standards of safety and professionalism in the workplace. We are 100% insured in case anything happens.

We have developed our own app – OnSinch to manage orders and employees that is easy to use and always transparent for clients. Information about past as well as planned orders is available online all the time. Thanks to OnSinch we are able to quickly respond to orders and unexpected changes even on short notice.

Contact us and we will be happy to open an account for you. We are looking forward to working with you!