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Shameless is a Czech company founded by people fascinated by work at concerts and other shows and spectacles. We have been in the industry since 2007 and our main motivation is to see jobs done professionally. We maintain our 100% commitment and thanks to our own system for staff management, we are the current Czech leader in short-term work providers.


Here are the most important moments from our history.

  • JD's stagehands
  • Stagebitch
  • Jáchym and David are two boys who want to see spectacular concerts, but the pocket money from their moms doesn’t cover it. So they become stagehands. Jáchym starts to tote fences, and David builds stages at festivals.
  • 2007
  • Under the lead of our forefather Jakub “Kubča” Teplý the core of the future StageBitch is formed. We all liked metal, but the first show where we met was surprisingly the Czech pop star Aneta Langerová Tour.:)
  • They pull cases together for the first time, being christened by the famous Lucerna club. Thus begins a friendship that lasts till today. If needed, they organize a couple of friends to join them.
  • 2008
  • The number of friends rises to tens. Thanks to that Jáchym and David can ensure the building of all stages at the Votvírák festival. It is a chore, but all 54 stagehands including the two of them survive, and they launch the JD Stagehands brand.
  • 2009
  • Hammerfall – the concert that rewrote history because it was the first one to be fully secured by our crew. We successfully cooperate with the Czech Arts Agency Pragokoncert since then.
  • The new brand needs a website! David’s longterm friend Petr joins in and creates the first internal website. In comparison to a shared Excel sheet, it is a major improvement. Data about all events are available online in real time.
  • 2010
  • This year is the cornerstone of StageBitch. As a group, we went to the festivals Colours of Ostrava and Sonisphere, and we built the first year of Metalfest during the summer holidays. The core substance of StageBitch was formed and some members hold on until today.
  • Jáchym’s and David’s comments and Petr’s enthusiasm lead to the second version of the web. It allows workers to sign up and see available jobs. To join the job they still need to write a text message though.
  • 2011
  • We begin to occupy the Czech metal life slowly, but inevitably. We participate in Brutal Assault festival for the first time and take part in most of the metal production in Prague.
  • Stagehands basis grows, we participate in Rock for Churchill and Let It Roll festivals. The first version of the OnSinch application, which allows workers to sign themselves up for jobs, is launched on the first of October. We establish the OnSinch company and are joined by our lead programmer Honza “Pešán” Pešek.
  • 2012
  • An application for work management is created with the hands and genius brains of our Shaman. As the whole company, the application is a bit punk.:)
  • Lucerna Music Bar, MeetFactory and other important Czech production and rental companies become our clients. We create the first company merchandise and launch the second version of the OnSinch application that allows individual logins of clients and order creation online.
  • 2013
  • We participate in the first year of Aerodrome festival at which System Of A Down is the main star. We build stages at Votvírák and spend the summer at festivals. We begin to cooperate with T Servis.
  • We build the Olympic park at Letná. The festivals Colours of Ostrava and United Islands request our services. We release our stagehands manual and begin to organize workshops for new stagehands.
  • 2014
  • We provide a complete crew support for Metallica’s mega-concert at Aerodrome festival.
  • With a growing number of events more experienced workers are needed. We meet with Matěj “Kráva” Štěpán and negotiate about possibly merging with the Shameless crew. The fusion happens in December.
  • 2015
2016 The united crews become Shameless, OnSinch remains the application brand. Thanks to the fusion we are able to keep high standards and quality with a high number of members. We build stages for the first ever Metronome festival in Prague and traditionally provide crew for large festivals all around the Czech Republic and concerts in Prague.
2017 The most successful and the most challenging year for the Shameless crew. The season highlights are (among others) the mega Let It Roll festival with nine giant stages and hundreds of world known performers, the Czech famous band Kabát’s tour, and the first ever tennis exhibition Laver Cup. We started to intensively cooperate with foreign clients.
2018 Foreign cooperation continues so we visited Germany several times. We organize first trainings for light electricians and create specialized groups such as light electricians and riggers. Certainly, our people appreciate off-the-job activities. All the working team complete first aid training. Updated version of the Shameless roadie handbook is published. We start a collaboration with Singing Rock, our new supplier of working equipment. Martinka, Dejv and Martin become new membres of our office group.
2019 This year started with a lot of traveling through Europe, when our rigging team flexed their muscles on various fairgrounds in Germany and four other members of our team were deployed on a six months tour with The Illusionist show. The rest of our crew was busy as well, building one event after another. Keeping the pace another group of workers joined the production team for a series of medical conferences throughout Europe in the beginning of summer, working as a conference rooms technicians. After the usual string of summer festivals this year’s highlight was waiting for us – Ed Sheeran’s double concert in Prague. With over 150 thousands spectators it was one of the biggest events in Czech history and certainly the biggest single event for us, since we provided all the technical personnel. Getting through this challenging summer in August we moved our offices to Vystaviste Holesovice, gaining more space and enabling us to equip a whole new training room, where all the technical crew trainings are held.
2020 The beginning of the year brought a lot of unexpected changes to the whole world. At first it seemed that this year would go as usual – a lot of events handled, endless amount of work at concerts and festivals. During the few first months we took part in events like Dream theater, Adam Plachetka, James Blunt or Comic-Con. In March we did production for the Slava’s SnowShow at Hybernia Theater, which was also the last event we had the opportunity to work on. The Covid-19 pandemic began to spread around the world, affecting cultural events and our activities with them. Concerts and festivals were getting canceled or postponed and our situation became unclear. With the suspension of cultural activities in general the IntermeSOS initiative was created, which aimed to connect companies with a shortage of seasonal workers with anyone who lost their job due to the situation. There were several options – picking asparagus, spring onions or lettuce. Throughout the year demolition and construction sites, gardening and warehouse works have become alternatives to the usual job description. The Covid limbo did not get any easier during the summer. However, the restrictions were lifted a little in September, when we got the opportunity to work at events such as Praha září, Lucerna Openair or Harley Days. At the end of the year we joined the We Make Events iniciative, which lit up many venues in red in several European countries. We also created a series of interviews called Professionals In Culture.
2021 The beginning of 2021 had the same spirit as the previous year. We, bewildered by Covid, tried to get a foothold wherever we could. We managed antigen tests, counted respirators, worked in warehouses, gardens and construction sites. Beyond that, we created a series of interview videos called Professionals in Culture. In February, the first hope shone through in the form of the event called Nation to itself, Culture to yourself (Národ Sobě, kultura tobě) and then The Chance for Culture (Šance pro kulturu) live concert in May. We donated our excess energy to the common good and, together with our friends at OnSinch, launched the Wave of Help (Vlna pomoci) initiative - a platform that connects volunteers with non-profit organizations, functioning in the same way as our Shameless app. By the end of May, government measures were loosening and the culture was slowly taking off. We built a giant marquee for Azyl78 in Stromovka, some of us went on a tour of several Czech bands, and several traditional summer festivals also took place, albeit in smaller and more modest settings. We roll on.
2022 The first really post-covid year marks a big start from almost zero to a hundred. We are facing the necessity of renewing the whole crew, based on our hard core workers, who has remained with us despite the difficulties of previous years. We are launching the Superhero Campaign, looking for heroes to help us get the culture back on its feet. Preparing for the summer season is paying off - the 2022 season shaped up to be the biggest yet. We're running over 2,700 events on record, including traditional and brand new events. We are changing our location and moving our office from Výstaviště to Švábky in Karlín.
2023 In 2023, we continue the rollercoaster ride. We are not underestimating the preparations again - we are coming up with a giant training project called SKILL FACTORY, thanks to which we train hundreds of information-hungry newcomers in the Křižík Pavilions. Not only do we cover the majority of events in the Czech Republic during the year, but we also work on more than eight hundred shifts abroad (e.g. Superbloom and Heroes in Germany, Lovestream in Slovakia, medical conferences all over Europe and more). Other achievements in 2023 include the opening of a new Shameless office in Pilsen. This year we handled over an incredible 3200 events!

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